domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

Aztec Chocolate

Last week, the children learnt about the Aztecs and how they invented chocolate. In history, we learnt about the cocoa bean, how chocolate was used as a currency and how the Aztecs Hot Chocolate drink contained chilli! As part of food technology, the children made their own chocolate bars. In literacy they wrote catchy slogans and an advert to sell their chocolate to the public using lots of positive adjectives and thought provoking questions. In art we designed the wrapping for the chocolate bar and produced eye-catching labels. Perhaps the tastiest part however was the homework....the taste test! This cross curricular project was a huge success and the children enjoyed putting their individual stamp on their work.

First things first, we made our chocolate bars by melting down chocolate and adding our own ingredients:

We then looked at slogans and advertising for some very famous chocolate bars:

Then had a go at inventing a name and writing a slogan for our newly created chocolate bars:

Working on making eye-catching, attractive wrappers in art:

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

Mayan Maths

In Numeracy, we looked at how the Mayan's notated numbers and discovered striking similarities between this and the tally method we've been using to conduct class questionnaires. Using Mayan notation, we created our own quizzes to give to our partners and tested our number calculations using this ancient calligraphy. 

Aztec Masks

As part of our work on the Aztecs, we looked at Aztec fashion and made a typical head dress from their time. We combined Maths with Art to create a number of geometrical shapes placed carefully over each other.